A Quick Introduction to GNTL Coin


GNTL began as a community of crypto enthusiasts and mining pools before launching GNTL coin in the spring of 2021.

GNTL is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses a public distributed ledger and privacy-enhancing features such as BulletProof RingCT allowing it to be anonymous, unlinkable and untraceable:

  • Anonymity: the identity of each user is unknown.
  • Untraceability: for each incoming transaction all possible senders are equiprobable.
  • Unlinkability: for any two outgoing transactions it is impossible to prove they were sent to the same wallet.

GNTL uses a proof-of-work consensus and is based on the RandomARQ hashing algorithm. This algorithm is GPU, ASIC and Nicehash resistant, which fixes two problems in other proof-of-work algorithms. A common example is Bitcoin, which require 51% of the network’s mining power to be under the control of honest users. An unfortunate result for Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies is that it creates conditions which favour large mining groups of GPU and ASIC owners in comparison with CPU owners. GNTL’s focus on community involvement favours the RandomARQ algorithm which does not provide significant advantages to miners with access to greater resources. These features help to close the gap between miners with different hardware and reduces the large discrepancy in profitability for purpose-build mining hardware.

Additional Features

Ticker: GNTL
Max supply: 77.7 Million
Pre-mined: 0.00000003 (all burnt)
Governance: 10% (4m), 5% (8m), 1% (life)
Block time: 120 seconds
Emission Speed Factor: 21
Decimals: 9
Algorithm: RandomARQ
Consensus: PoW
Anonymity: BulletProof RingCT


GNTL has been built up around a community of cryptocurrency miners and enthusiasts. It is used in GNTL community games, rewards, giveaways, competitions, and community-based initiatives.

GNTL is an excellent introduction to cryptocurrency with low transaction fees and CPU-favoured mining so that it is accessible to everyone. The community development aspect is a core part of GNTL’s community values. Many users find and stay with the GNTL community because of the help and resources that are developed and shared.

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A Quick Introduction to GNTL Coin

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