[Discord TipBot] – Games

Our Discord TipBot has some built-in game which rewards players in cryptocurrency. The listed game are free to play. At the time of typing, TipBot has rewarded:

  • 2048: Discord user can play by re-act on emoji.
  • Bagel: There are three kind of bagel games:
    • (normal) bagel (three digits)
    • bagel2 (four digits)
    • bagel3 (five digits)
  • Blackjack: a classic game and Discord user re-act on [S]: stand or [H]: hit
  • Dice: just roll the dice and TipBot will do the rest of the game.
  • Hangman: a classic hangman game where Discord user guesses each character to win.
  • Maze: re-act to move @ to exit. Maze chart is created randomly.
  • Slot: a typical slot game. TipBot will random the slots and tell Discord user if he/she wins.
  • Snail: Discord user needs to bet snail 1 to 8. It’s a racing game!
  • Sokoban: as its name. Discord user needs to re-act to move the emoji. Discord user will pass each level up. This is the only game in our Discord TipBot which has levels (at the time of typing).

Enjoy! Join our discord for more fun: https://chat.wrkz.work

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