List of coins and withdraw fee

Here are a summary of all coin listed in our Discord TipBot. More information, you can also check with a command coininfo Ticker.

No.Coin nameConfirmation DepthWithdraw FeeTipping Fee
1TurtleCoin (TRTL)120 Blocks100.00 TRTL0.00 TRTL
2DeroGold (DEGO)15 Blocks50,000.00 DEGO0.00 DEGO
3WrkzCoin (WRKZ)60 Blocks10.00 WRKZ0.00 WRKZ
4BitcoinMono (BTCMZ)40 Blocks500.00 BTCMZ0.00 BTCMZ
5NibbleClassic (NBXC)115 Blocks0.002 NBXC0.00 NBXC
6Fango (XFG)5 Blocks0.10 XFG0.00 XFG
7NimboCoin (NIMB)30 Blocks200.00 NIMB0.00 NIMB
8Dogecoin (DOGE)6 Blocks3.00 DOGE0.00 DOGE
9Bitcoin (BTC)5 Blocks0.0002 BTC0.00 BTC
10Litecoin (LTC)5 Blocks0.008 LTC0.00 LTC
11PengolinCoin (PGO)5 Blocks0.05 PGO0.00 PGO
12Myriad (XMY)8 Blocks0.05 XMY0.00 XMY
13Kevacoin (KVA)10 Blocks0.005 KVA0.00 KVA
14Bittoro (XTOR)40 Blocks0.05 XTOR0.00 XTOR
15Oxen (Former LOKI)220 Blocks0.01 LOKI0.00 LOKI
16Monero (XMR)10 Blocks0.0001 XMR0.00 XMR
17Blog (BLOG)340 Blocks0.05 BLOG0.00 BLOG
18Masari (MSR)40 Blocks0.00035 MSR0.00 MSR
19Wownero (WOW)5 Blocks0.0085 WOW0.00 WOW
20Xolentum (XOL)60 Blocks0.0005 XOL0.00 XOL
21uPlexa (UPX)20 Blocks1.00 UPX0.00 UPX
22GNTL Coin (GNTL)15 Blocks0.0001 GNTL0.00 GNTL
23Nerva (XNV)15 Blocks0.001 XNV0.00 XNV
24Banano (BAN)0 Blocks0.00 BAN0.00 BAN
25Nano (NANO)0 Blocks0.00 NANO0.00 NANO
26WrkzCoin on xDai (XWRKZ)30 Blocks500.00 XWRKZ0.00 XWRKZ
27xMOON (XMOON) [on xDai]60 Blocks0.05 XMOON0.00 XMOON
28STAKE (STAKE) [on xDai]60 Blocks0.01 STAKE0.00 STAKE
29xDai (XDAI)60 Blocks0.075 XDAI0.00 XDAI
30Binance Coin (BNB)20 Blocks0.012 BNB0.00 BNB
31Binance USD (BUSD)20 Blocks0.12 BUSD0.00 BUSD
32Binance Tipz (BTIPZ)20 Blocks0.50 BTIPZ0.00 BTIPZ
33WrkzCoin on BNB (BWRKZ)20 Blocks500.00 BWRKZ0.00 BWRKZ
34Tron (TRX)30 Blocks1.00 TRX0.00 TRX
35USDT on Tron (USDT)30 Blocks0.08 USDT0.00 USDT
36Chia (XCH)12 Blocks0.00001 XCH0.00 XCH
37Flax (XFX) [Fork of Chia]12 Blocks0.00001 XFX0.00 XFX
38Lethean (LTHN)15 Blocks0.10 LTHN0.00 LTHN
39BitTorrent on Tron (BTT)30 Blocks25.00 BTT0.00 BTT
40MATIC on Polygon [MATIC Network]15 Blocks0.005 MATIC0.00 MATIC
41USDC on Polygon [MATIC Network]15 Blocks0.005 USDC0.00 USDC
42BAOCX [on xDai]20 Blocks20.00 BAOCX0.00 BAOCX
43BAO [on xDai]20 Blocks 20.00 BAO0.00 BAO
44PBAO (BaoToken) on Polygon [MATIC Network]15 Blocks20.00 PBAO0.00 PBAO
45POLLY on Polygon [MATIC Network] 15 Blocks0.05 POLLY0.00 POLLY
List of Fee (updated September 16th, 2021)

1: Dev has disappeared.

2: We maintained LOKI as Ticker in TipBot. Officially, it was rebrand to OXEN.

3: We maintained BLOG as Ticker in TipBot. Officially, it was changed to CONT.

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